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Hi, I'm Nate Foerg.

I have been a licensed Realtor since 2006. However, my roots in the business go much deeper. Raised in Burn's Park in the late 70's and 80's, I grew up with the Ann Arbor real estate market. I gave my first referral to my mother Dawn at age 7, and upon closing I received a brand new bike!


All throughout my childhood I watched the market. I saw the market from the inside. I often attended open houses with my mother.


Some of my fondest childhood memories are of my parents dinner parties with some of the greatest Realtors in Ann Arbor.


When I entered the business in 2006, I had the distinct advantage of already knowing all of the players, and having the best mentoring possible. After several years, I entered into a partnership with Carolyn Lepard. We both have a combination of joint business and our own clients. Our partnership effectively provides our clients with two agents. Together we have 44 years of experience.


I am happy to report that the market has recovered substantially. Working through the recession in real estate sales was interesting to say the least. I cut my teeth selling foreclosures and distressed properties. This is an experience that I hope we don't have to repeat anytime soon. My time in the business allows me to look at things with a perspective that new agents cant have. I have seen the boom, the bust and the substantial recovery. My perspective is more inclusive than agents who have never sold in the rough times. 


I have sold modest homes and condo's in the sub 100K range, all the way up to historic homes in the 1 million+ range. Every buyer and seller is treated exactly the same. Regardless of price, your transaction is treated with the utmost care.


I want one thing for you- I want to help you make the best decision with the best counseling possible. I will always give you the full picture and help you to do what's best for you. They say that being a Realtor is a sales job. I disagree, my job is consultant, negotiator and outcome prediction. With me you will always be given the most likely outcomes of any action you take. I will never make it more complicated than it needs to be, and I will never "dumb it down" You deserve better.


I encourage you to contact me via phone, email or text. I would love the opportunity to show you how I can help you. Whether it's a Sale, Purchase or Rental, I can make a complicated process quick and efficient for you! 




Here is what my clients are saying about me-


"I have recently worked with Nate on an unusual and complicated real estate transaction.  Nate came very highly recommended by someone whose opinion I trust and I am pleased to say that he exceeded all my expectations.  This particular deal was a long shot and, from the outset, one that would not be financially very rewarding for any real estate agent.  Nevertheless, Nate enthusiastically jumped in, spent many, many hours researching the property, tracking down the principal players and communicating efficiently and effectively with all the parties involved. Nate was always pleasant to deal with, eager to explain esoteric details and prompt to place and return calls.   I can say, without a doubt, that Nate was the primary factor that the deal came together.

I would wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Nate Foerg to anyone looking for an outstanding real estate agent."

Cindy, Ann Arbor (Burn's Park)




"I've had the pleasure of working with Nate for the past five years, in that time we have had six transactions, and every time Nate was very professional, respectful, and prompt.  You can tell that Nate loves what he does, it's not a nine to five job for him. Nate is very well connected with the City of Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas, any problem or unique situation he will know what to do or who to call. He will always be my real estate agent, because he doesn't look for houses, he looks for homes."

Dave, Ann Arbor & Whitmore Lake.




"I have been fortunate to work with Nate on both purchasing and selling my home. Not only is he a consummate professional, but he is friendly and goes out of his way to make the experience as stress-free as possible. I trusted Nate completely and knew he always had my best interests in mind. Also he really knows the Ann Arbor market. I highly recommend Nate and look forward to having another opportunity to work with him in the future!"

Abby, Ann Arbor (Water Hill)




"Nate has counseled me through several real estate transactions, some from across the country. I have never found him to be anything other than a fair minded, no nonsense, tenacious advocate for my interests. I have referred Nate to family and friends and would not hesitate to do so again."

Andrew, Ann Arbor & Canton MI.




"Nate Foerg has been our real estate agent for numerous property purchases and listings.  He is undoubtedly one of the most honest, trustworthy, friendly and professional agents we have ever worked with.  He is always accessible and goes above and beyond providing us with outstanding services.  Nate knows the housing market and his honesty and ethical standards have always been in our best interest.  It has always been our pleasure to work with Nate and we have always been so grateful for all the additional things he has done for us that go way above and beyond what is expected of him as our agent.  We would recommend Nate to anyone who is looking for a real estate agent who truly looks out for the best interest of his clients.  Nate has always given us 100 percent and truly is passionate about his profession.  We never worry about our properties when they are in his hands.

Mike and Deb, Ann Arbor (Geddes/Arboretum area)  & Lasalle MI.



"Nate recently assisted me with the sale of two houses during a very difficult time
for my family. He offered to help in any way he could, in addition to the bureaucratic tasks involved in selling a home, and he meant it. My circumstances prevented me from being physically present to prepare the houses for sale, and Nate took the time to find cleaning crews and handymen, and oversaw the work; in some
cases he took on labor himself to make sure the necessary work was complete. I was impressed by his willingness both to make the sales as easy as possible for me, and to shoulder much of the burden of the work himself if necessary. Nate was patient and friendly through the whole process. I highly recommend him as a realtor.

Elisa, Ann Arbor (Burn's Park)




"Nate Foerg at Charles Reinhart Realtors helped us purchase our first home.  He was very sensitive to our needs and generous with his time.  We looked at a lot of houses over the period of a few months and Nate remained diligent.  When the time came to put in offers and negotiate, we feel that Nate represented our interests very well.   We are very satisfied with the level of service Nate Foerg and Charles Reinhart Realtors provided.

Joe and Karen, Ypsilanti (College Heights)













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Nate has counseled me through several real estate transactions, some from across the country. I have never found him to be anything other than a fair minded, no nonsense, tenacious advocate for my interests. I have refereed Nate to family and friends and would not hesitate to do so again.

AJ Fosik

Nate was honest with us the whole way, gave us his input on what seemed legitimate and what seemed like fluff, had a great sense of market trends, and always gave us the straight talk we desperately wanted. Ended up in a great house that met our needs and more. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Oliver Crown Williams via Zillow

When we began looking for a house in the summer of 2015. At the time we had lived in AA only for a year and knew relatively little about the city; plus, we had a lot of ideas about what the perfect house for our needs was, but honestly, most of them were confused. Enter Carolyn and Nate: in just a few days they were not only able to point us in the right direction about neighborhoods, but also about houses. For comparison, a realtor we had worked with previously, had showed us about 10 houses, all of which felt wrong. Nearly all the houses Carolyn and Nate showed us were amazing. Moreover, they were in neighborhoods that matched our lifestyle and needs. After just a few days we found the perfect house and Nate worked hard in the AA seller market to make a competitive offer. After the offer was accepted Nate was absolutely amazing to work with. He answered all the “million” questions I posed him and offered advice in a kind and honest way. At every step of the way we felt we were in great hands with Nate: his knowledge of the process, the options, and the next steps were stellar. I never felt a conflict of interest and it was always easy and reassuring to talk to him. More importantly, Nate was always quick and efficient at answering phone calls, texts or emails and often visited us at home to talk things over, despite our unusual hours. My relationship with Nate did not end when we closed on the house; we continued asking them for advice on contractors and services and gain their advice and suggestions were spectacular. We have been super satisfied with everyone they recommended. We are enamored with our house, love the neighborhood and the location. We did not know what house we wanted and in which neighborhood, but this is perfect. I am so amazed that Nate was able to “read our minds” and not only find the perfect home for us, but to also make it happen in such a competitive buyers market. I really cannot recommend Nate enough: you really do not want to work with another realtor in the area. They are superb.

Dusmonica via Zillow

My husband and I used Nate Foerg as our agent when we sold our house last year. When he came to view our home for the first time, he had so many great ideas to easily help and improve the staging of our home. He brought in a professional photographer and produced a quality brochure. He continued to aggressively market our home during the winter months, always encouraging and always there to represent our home during many showings. After our house sold, his expertise and knowledge saved us money during the closing with the title company. Working with Nate was so successful that when 3 months later we decided to return to Ann Arbor, he was the first person we called. He had become more than an agent from the Reinhart Co., previewing potential condos and then picking my husband up at the airport to see what would be our next home. Most of this deal was done long distance and his attention to detail made our journey home so much easier.

Kkstiefel via Zillow

Working with Nate is a pleasure. He knows the market and understands how to communicate. My wife and I are so pleased with his service.


Nate is currently helping me purchase my first home. The deal itself is inherently a headache; long drawn out timelines with fairly uncommon terms and a lot of back and forth with the seller. We are about 6 months in and all is going well. Nate has really made the process understandable and straightforward and without him, I highly doubt I would have even made it this far. He is simply the guy you want on your team. A++

Zuser20150624205155891 via Zillow

Nate quickly learned what I was looking for. I was in India, got an e-mail, and was scheduled to see the house the day after I came back. It was perfect and still is!

Sr52 via Zillow

I highly recommend Nate Foerg as a realtor to anyone looking to buy or sell their home in Ann Arbor. I worked with Nate as a home buyer, and then home seller in the summer of 2015. Nate's focus and priority is serving the customer/client, and with that approach, the deal comes together as a result. Nate is a lifelong Ann Arbor resident with a deep understanding of the local market. Nate goes above and beyond for the client and is willing to assist in all aspects of the real estate process, from research, comps, to bidding strategy, and inspector/contractor recommendations. His goal is for the home buying/selling process to go smoothly and to fully communicate all steps throughout the way so that all parties are knowledgable and satisfied during the deal.

By Owner via Zillow

You can't go wrong with Nate! He's a lifelong "townie" who knows Ann Arbor well. Super responsive and helpful in purchases and sales he helped us with. We would use Nate again and recommend him without hesitation.

User36178020 via Zillow

My Wife and I engaged Nate for the purchase of our home in Ann Arbor and it was a thoroughly superb experience. Nate was essential all the way from selection, through to offer, and eventually on to the closing phase of our process. We have worked with several other well-known agents in Ann Arbor, but feel quite strongly that Nate brings a unique combination of experience, humility, resourcefulness, and resolution to the table that is simply unmatched, and we would not be living in our dream home without him.

Jbebiak via Zillow

Nate helped me list and sell a home that I've been off and on attempting to sell for 9 years. Nate put together an excellent valuation that was market-ready. His insight into the current market state was right on. He kept me and my family informed on the showing timelines and doggedly pursued the leads. In the end, he ended up also finding a buyer for us and professionally helped us both get the home sale that we wanted. I didn't expect to see any of the troubles that came up in the last 30 days of the sale of my house but Nate kept our blood pressure in check. Together we put together solutions for each hiccup. I can't recommend Nate enough

Eric Stieler

Nate sold two very different houses for our family, a starter home, and a higher-end home in Ann Arbor Hills. He was fantastic in handling so many details, including taking care of the clean up that wasn't his responsibility. Every part of the process was positive. Nate was on top of every detail, and believe me, there were lots of details, particularly the Ann Arbor Hills home. He knows all the ins and outs of mortgage and closing details and when the buyers mortgage company made some mistakes and thus delayed the closing twice, Nate negotiated a per diem for us. We had already moved to the southwest so Nate also arranged for a closing with esignatures so we didn't have to come back to Michigan for the closing. Besides all that, he worked with our contractor in providing valuable information to make the house move in ready. I give Nate the highest recommendation. He knows the Ann Arbor real estate market and is easy to work with. He is always prompt in returning calls, texts, and emails. He lets you know what is going on at every step of the process. He couldn't have been better. Even our high end home quickly.

Cwhitney70 via Zillow

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